Web based Fixed Asset Management System (RS-FAMS)


What is a Fixed Asset Management System?

Fixed Asset Management is the process of tracking and monitoring business-owned physical assets.
The operational logistics of your business such as infrastructure, building, property, land,
machinery, office equipment, vehicles, furniture & fixtures all come under the umbrella of
Fixed Asset Management.
Every organization particularly asset-intensive organization rely on meticulous Fixed Asset
Management Software to cover multiple goals for their company’s possessions. These could
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Monitoring equipment’s across multiple sites
  • Optimizing Company’s assets to its full use
  • Reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime

Organizational Challenges with Fixed Assets

Asset-heavy organization struggles with multiple problems these could include dealing with
big data, tracking and maintenance of these assets. While these might just be three broad categories of Fixed Assets Hurdles; the challenges of unorganized assets are aplenty:
  1. Unclarity on Assets location and numbers
  2. Multiple Assets usage with no ownership
  3. Ghost Assets on Outdated Records
  4. Duplicity of assets
  5. Absence of Formal Asset listing and evaluation
  6. Non-verified Insurance claims
  7. Uncalculated tax and repair pay on Company’s Assets
  8. No way to ascertain the quality of items from different vendors.

How does the Fixed Asset Management process work?

RS-ASSETMAN works comprehensively to provide asset management solution from start to finish.
RSHRIS contact less attendance system

Scope involves Quantifying the total task involved. Work Plan sorts expected deliverables and scheduling activities. Physical Inventory does the Barcode or RFID Tagging on the ground. Taking Inventory. Reconciliation involves mapping book and ground finding any discrepancies. A detailed Reporting for internal use and statuary purpose. AMC/Warranty, Insurance Period Tracking.

RSHRIS fixed asset management features
We take up the complete project for tracing already existing assets and mapping them with
Book Assets. RS-ASSETMAN provides all hardware equipment along with needful training
for the new asset management system to employees for smooth access.
Items Covered by RS-ASSETMAN
Movable and Non-Movable Assets
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Plant and Machinery
  • IT Product (Hardware & Software)
  • Vehicles and Buildings
RSHRIS fixed asset management system

Fixed Asset Management Advantages

RS-ASSETMAN is an investment-worthy solution to give your organization multiple
  • Reduces Capital Expenditure by optimizing usage of Assets
  • Income Tax Savings with writing off un-used/lost assets
  • Formal, Accessible Asset Software for easy Operational task
  • Increase in Profit