Warehouse Management System (RS-WMS)


Redefining the way you maintain your inventory in your warehouse

The perfect SAP, Tally and Oracle Warehouse Management System

Then our warehouse management system is going to be invaluable for you.

Minimal human error, maximum warehouse efficiency with Warehouse Management System

Maintaining a large warehouse and the inventory contained within it can be a Herculean task without a fully capable warehousing management module that forces your warehousing staff to stock and push forward items in the right order.
Very few off-the-shelf warehousing management software solutions minimize human error.
These software solutions assume that the ground staff is going to adhere to the rules whereas, in the real world, when hundreds of workers and thousands of products are involved, strictly stocking inventory as per the needs of the software application doesn’t exactly go the way it should.

Some of the major problems faced by managing a warehouse are:

Our warehouse management system solves all these problems in a single sweep

It can work as an add-on to your existing enterprise level warehouse management solution, or it can be installed independently as a standalone solution.
Our solution uses the existing barcode technology and stacking circuitry to create a binding relationship between the racks, the items, the items themselves and their stocking history.
Supporting the concept of “first in first out”, our warehouse management solution makes sure that the items belonging to the same category are not ordered or added to the stock unless the existing stock has been sold or dispatched.
Similarly, new orders are not accepted unless there is clearance from the warehouse that the items exist in the inventory.
The closely knit and interconnected chain of information automates as many processes as possible.
The system prompts the user to place the item in the correct location. But if the location is full it allows dynamic location tagging so that the item can be placed at a different location with updation in the software.
Similarly, all the items and parts to be included in a single consignment are digitally connected. This way, the moment few items belonging to a consignment are scanned, the light or visual indicators of all the other items that must be included in the consignment also light up so there is zero chance of leaving behind an item by mistake.
Our warehouse management solution eliminates scope for human error combining technology and methodology to create an interconnected network of information that doesn’t allow the ground staff to stock items at the wrong place, in the wrong manner. Every transaction, every update, every addition, every relation, needs to tally with the associated information otherwise it is not complete.

Accurate Packaging - Integration with weighing scale

For making retail packets of the items (Like nuts, berries, rice, etc.) if done manually there is bound to be weighing errors. Human tendency is to weigh slightly more. This slightly more in large numbers cumulatively becomes substantial weight, resulting in sizable financial loss. We have integrated the weighing scale with a label printer. Only when the weight is correct the label gets printed, thereby ensuring correct weight every time.