Visitor Management System (RS-VMS)

RS-VMS- Visitor Management Software for elated security
Visitor management Software is a system that tracks when someone enters or leaves a building through access control. A visitor management software system can also include video surveillance, which allows for more sophisticated tracking of visitors. It can give administrators an accurate count of who’s in the building at any given time and generate reports on who entered or left when and how they left.

Thus, it becomes important for an Organization to develop a systematic approach for keeping record of visitors, their purpose of visit and what they had to offer to the Organization. However, just keeping the record of visitors may not be enough, unless such data can be analyzed for providing insight into results or outcome of such visits made to your Organization by the Public or Stakeholders. For example, based on the data of visitors you can gain insight into whether the various meetings resulting from visits are being fruitful or you can analyze various proposals that were made by the visitors to your Organization.

Visitor Management is also related to security aspect of an organization, especially when your Organization has to deal with general public as visitors like in the case of Government Offices, Public Services, places of tourist interest etc. In such a case Visitor Management System needs to ensure all the visitors records are available for random checks based on any requirement for analysis in future. This Visitor Management Software also assists you by segregating pre-scheduled and random visits and thus saves time.

RS-Visitor Management System- One Stop Shop for All Your Visitor Management Needs

The Visitor Management System (RS-VMS) developed by the RS Team, is a comprehensive solution to help you manage your visitors and their data efficiently. It captures Visitor photograph, saves the necessary details of the Visitor through a data form and issues non – transferrable, on-site printed Visitor Passes. The cloud-based version of our Visitor Management System facilitates integration of multiple branches to a single, common, centralized visitor database. RS-VMS not only keeps your Visitor’s data safe and secure but also generates several pre-defined and customized query-based MIS reports in order to know the frequent visitors, frequently visited members, purpose of visits, etc. Repeated visitors can be allowed speedy entry as their details are auto picked from the database.

Our Visitor Management System has additional configurable modules for linking Access Control Systems and related hardware like turnstile, tripod, flap barrier or Doors. You can also restrict entry of visitors to certain areas by issuing programmable access cards.

RS-Visitor Management System Features

Customizable Visitor Details Form

Add multiple fields of Visitor details for capturing vital data about Visitors

Pre-Approved Visitor Passes

Issue pre-approved Visitor Passes for frequent visitors like Vendors and Suppliers, saving time for the Security Staff and the Visitor both. They can be issued for multiple days at a stretch.


In case a Visitor has a pre-fixed appointment the message can be sent by the person to be met in advance to allow quick access to the Visitor.

On-Site Visitor Pass issuance

Capture Photographs and other details to issue non-transferrable on-site visitor pass. This will be for a day or few hours – as defined.

“Exceeding permitted time” Alerts

Pop-ups keep the Security Team informed if Visitors have not left the premises within the stipulated time specified. The time limit can be extended after reconfirmation.

Cloud based

Capture visitors’ data from your branch offices spread across multiple locations into one single, centralized visitors’ database on cloud. Data is secure and fully accessible anytime from any PC / Smartphone by logging in.

Integrated Access Control System Module

Integrate Access Control Systems based on flap barriers, doors or turnstiles to provide restricted access to your premise based on pre-defined access route plans and patterns for visitors.

Insightful Reports & Analysis

Get insightful reports using predefined formats or generate your own query-based MIS report structure providing details on number of visitors, purpose and other details. Set automatic alerts and frequency as per your requirement.

RS – Visitor Management System (RS-VMS) is an all- in- one solution for managing your Visitors efficiently.

Guard Patrolling

To keep the guards awake at night a RFID torch is issued to then. A path is defined for them to follow throughout the night. The path has lot of RFID tags fixed en-route. The guard first identifies himself with his fingerprint scan and then identifies the location y scanning the fixed RFID tags. This way the torch goes on recording the movement of the guard along with date and time stamping. In the morning the software monitors the movement and sends alerts if required.

Guard Management

Agencies provide security guards. While bidding for the contract they show case good well-built security guards. But after the contract on a regular basis they tend to send arbitrary persons. Also number of guards can vary from day to day depending upon the availability of guards. This can be easily monitored by a face recognition machine installed to mark the IN and OUT movement of the guards.