RSHRIS field force management
RSHRIS field force management

Delivery tracking during Pandemic

With more than half of the population locked in their own habitat daily errands are responsivity of our Delivery people shoulders. They are out and about, on the road getting your check-list on-time. No wonder the pressure on these guys have doubled and so is the responsibility to deliver right thing to right person at right time. So how can this accuracy be achieved? RS-Field Force Tracker can be handy in these times to maintain a smooth tracking and monitoring process of delivery guys. Managers can easily assign online visit for each Field Force Employee. And, even track the work live on the application. Sounds just right for the time, isn’t it?

About Field Force Management Solution

RS-HRIS is a Market Leader amongst the Human Resource Information Systems available in India. After providing exceptional solutions to reputed companies around the country viz. Hero MotoCorps Ltd, Escorts Ltd, Jaquar, Hindware, etc, RS-HRIS presents to you, RS-Field Force Tracker– the Mobile app-based Field Service Management Application. Supervising, Analysing & Scheduling your Field Staff has never been this easy.

Industries Requiring a Field Force Management Solution

Delivery and Logistics Companies have a huge manpower to cater to the needs of the industry. It is a challenging task to have a proper planning, job scheduling & task management system to manage such large numbers. The RS-Field Force Tracker is especially designed to make the work easy & efficient. This mobile app can easily be used by Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Medicine delivery and Online shopping e-commerce Companies to easily monitor the visits made and jobs done.

RSHRIS field force management

Food Delivery

Field Force Management Solution for Product Delivery

Product Delivery

RSHRIS field force management

Grocery Delivery

Benefits of the RS-Field Force Tracker to Users:

Benefits to the Manager:

  • Maintain Online records of the Employee Attendance, Visits and Leaves and generate LIVE Status Reports.
  • Get auto-updated records of the GEO-LOCATION of punched location along with time and date.
  • Facility to GEO-FENCE specific locations/offices to check deviations.
  • Schedule and assign online the visits for each Field Force Employee.
  • Verify the Employee activities against the Scheduled Plan.
  • Get indicative distances travelled.

Benefits to the Delivery Staff:

  • No office trip to mark attendance
  • Online scheduling for the day and week ahead
  • Virtual update of real-time delivery process
  • Total distance travelled all calculated automatically
  • Online Leave Management

RS-Field Force Tracker - Mobile Interface

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Define various types of leaves

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Track live attendance

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Get a huge range of reports


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