Centralized Attendance Tracking System (RS-CATS)

Attendance Tracking Software is a must for all Organizations. A strong and efficient attendance management software helps bring not just time clocking but a complete employee tracking solution.

A web-based time and attendance system will check major disciplines of the employees by this intelligent monitoring system. Track late coming, early check-outs, manages frequent shift changes, displays current manpower availability, manages substitutes, etc. Major benefit would be achieved if the organization has multiple offices. The on-line reports from all offices would be visible automatically.

The RS -Centralized Attendance Tracking System (CATS) is a Biometrics and Smart Phone based Time Attendance Management System consisting of hardware and Web based Online Software. It Features advanced Biometrics devices with PUSH Technology to provide real time attendance data and analytics. It allows you to log-in anytime from anywhere to view your Workforce presence, behaviour pattern, delays during shift change, etc. Biometrics and Smart Phone Attendance System is the new norm in today’s corporate culture across the globe and serves various vital Human Resource processes in an organization. Its application ranges from Payroll Management to Performance Appraisals. Our Centralized Attendance Software automates the daily Human Resource Processes in your organization based on the best practices. When on Client premises, the application is called as CATS. And when it is on Cloud it is RSHRIS (Human Resources Information Solutions). The difference is primarily on the quantum of IT Infrastructure required and the investment. Functionally they are alike.

Key Features of the Centralized Attendance Tracking System

Biometrics Based Attendance System: Biometrics attendance system uses the Employee biometric input i.e. thumb impression and facial impression to uniquely identify the person and thereafter automatically registers the time-in and time-out data, maintaining the lifetime record of total manhours put in by the Employee

Smart Phone based: For the Employees in the field (Sales, Service, Drivers, Security Personal, etc.) marking attendance is simply by using an app on the phones. The Geo location is recorded for accuracy of location and data is updated in CATS/RSHRIS for auto-processing.

Centralized: All your Employee data is located in one Centralized Server. Even the attendance data of your branch offices located in different parts of the country or world are captured and processed with accuracy automatically. The Cloud-based architecture of Centralized Attendance Software allows for accessibility from anywhere over internet.

Real Time: The Centralized Attendance Tracking System captures Employee Attendance and updates the records automatically on real time basis delivering up-to-date reports whenever you want. The system also features real time notifications on your mobile device on parameters desired by you. The parameters can range from daily attendance report to workforce availability on any given day.

Employee Self-Service Module: Employee Self-Service module facilitates two-way communication between Employees and HR Department. An Employee can view his/her attendance records, salary slips, apply for regularization, access request forms for leaves, advance, travel, overtime – all online These applications are sent automatically to the department head for approval. Application status is notified on mobile device of the Employee on real time basis and can be viewed on the self-service portal.

Shift Management: Allows you to create different shifts by setting up time period, policies and allocate to concerned employees. This online Roster can be made by each Department for their team. Each employee gets real time instant notification on his/her mobile device about the new shift assigned to him/her.

Day’s Scheduling: The schedule made by the Manager can be made and uploaded on each Field Staff’s Smart Phone. Each Employee can move as per the Scheduled visits for a more productive output.

Advantage RS-CATS

By implementing our Centralized Attendance System, you earn high levels of Employee satisfaction by creating reliable Human Resource Management processes which are automatic, accurate and transparent. You can also define and implement new policies for your organization with a click and our system takes care of informing all the concerned about the same automatically and efficiently, including Branch Offices. Everyone can view those changes on Notification Dashboard.

Easy Integration

RS-CATS can be easily integrated with your existing time attendance system and payroll software too. RS-HRIS Centralized Attendance System offers you flexibility to integrate various specialized modules as per your requirement. All the modules add a unique value to your organization’s human resource processes making them flawless and efficient. We at RS Human Resource Information Systems (RS-HRIS) understand your Human Resource Management challenges and specialize in providing customized software solutions uniquely designed for your organization.


Large number of organizations subsidize their canteen food for their employees. Normally any employee would take one meal in office. But some employees take more than one meal in office, leading to un-necessary disagreements. So to ensure that all employees get only one meal, the canteen management is integrated with CATS. Only those employees who are present and that too in their own shift get the meal.

Workforce optimization during shift change

In most organizations at the time of shift change, the assembly line is stopped and there is a period of “no production” when one shift has left and the other shift is yet to reach their place of work and commence production. At this time the line in-charges runs from one stage to the other to ensure right number of workers are present at all stages before switching on the assembly line. This “no production” time can be minimized by on-line attendance. A display has names of all the workers expected in that shift in Red color. As soon as the worker marks his attendance at the gate, his name on the screen would turn Green from Red. So Line In-charges have only to focus on the employees in red.

Disaster Management System

All high rise buildings, all factories, offices, places of work, etc. have an emergency collection points. In case of any disaster – Earthquake, Fire, other emergency all the people inside have to run and collect at these collection points. There manual attendance is taken and matched with the actual that were inside the building to begin with. This is a slow process and difficult to find out who all are still trapped inside the building. With our online IN and OUT counting we keep track of who exactly is inside. With a portable fingerprint machine when the people collect at the collection point they mark their attendance on this portable machine and via GPRS the data is processed and on-line reports are emailed to the management about who all are still inside the building.

Contractor Management System

Many organisations outsource their tasks to be performed by the contract labour. The process is to hire a contractor and assign a set of tasks to be done by his team. Alternately ask contractor only to supply the manpower of specific skill set. Either way, there is a need to monitor the Contractor manpower on a daily basis for their arrival and departure time. CATS can successfully perform this task.

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They rely on us: Escorts Ltd, Hero MotoCorps Ltd, Nandos, Dr.Lal Pathlabs, Shree Garments, NEC Technologies, Exotic Travels, Polyplex Ltd and many more have been using this system for years.

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