RS - Human Resource Information Solution ( RSHRIS )

RSBPL for 25 years is providing the best Human Resource Information System to multiple industries in the country. Our HRIS system, known as RS-HRIS is always a step ahead in technology. RS-HRIS provides your company with efficiency and productivity through the best of its HRIS functions. 

RS-HRIS excels in Automatic Contactless Authentication and Attendance Capturing and also in providing In-house customisation for customers as per their requirements.

Have a look at our HRIS solutions to find the best fit for your company

Payroll Management
System (RS-PAYSYS)

‘RS – Human Resource Information System’ (RS-HRIS) automates the attendance and the payroll processing making it fast, accurate and flawless.

Field Force Management
Solution (RS-Field Force Tracker)

RS-FFT enables Geo-tagged attendance capturing with the Field Staff coupled with intelligent Task Management empowering the team with efficiency at each step.

Production Management
System (RS-PMS)

RS-PMS ensures the production management operations of your company are carried out error-free with the help of our technologies.

Warehouse Management
System (RS-WMS):

Minimise human errors and maximize efficiency with RS-WMS Warehouse Management System.

Web-based Fixed Asset
Management System (RS-FAMS)

RS-FAMS helps organizations track operational logistics with technology with real-time tracking, monitoring and reducing costly maintenance.

Web-based Fixed Asset
Management System (RS-FAMS)

RS-FAMS helps organizations track operational logistics with technology with real-time tracking, monitoring and reducing costly maintenance.

Automated Gate Access
Control with People Counting

Uses Face Recognition and Verification technology along with Flap Barriers to control access of people and monitor the IN and OUT movement. Gives alarms if any visitor over stays, any employee stays beyond his shift time, allows only authorised persons to enter, provides Disaster Management of people stuck inside in an event of disaster.

Visitor Management
System (RS-VMS)

RS-VMS helps you manage visitors entering the premises. Gives alarm if any visitor overstays, Allows visitors to enter only if the employee to be visited is present, automatic reports of frequent visitor, Authenticates the mobile numbers of the Visitors.

To find out more about our solutions, please visit our Solution Page. RSBPL’s HRIS Solutions are specifically designed for your company’s needs and are developed on the latest technology with the best engineering minds in the industry. 

RS-Smart Face mask detection & Temperature Screening device

Wearing face mask has become a new way of living. In the midst of current crisis, it has become really essential to examine the people entering your facility to make it safe for all. RSHRIS’s Face Mask Detection with Temperature Screening satisfies this need. It has mask recognition module that detects the person and mask; allowing only the right person with mask to enter the premises. It also has a temperature detection sensor that detects for fever and does not allow the febrile person inside.

Proactive Facial


Touch LCD

Face recognition attendance machine

Touchless for
Better Hygiene

Wide Pose Angle

Distance 0.3-3 m

Featured Case studies

Featured Case studies

News & Events

News & Events

Global Biometric & IOT 21 September 2019 Bengaluru
AIDC session, 2018
Best Innovation Award for 2018
Panel discussion during the 2018 AIDC session
Panel discussion during the 2018 AIDC session
Global biometric & IOT 21 september 2019 Bengaluru
Global biometric & IOT 21 september 2019 Bengaluru
lighting the lamp during the 2018 AIDC session

Our Prestigious Clients

You can measure the success of a business by the number of customers who come back. 60% of our revenue comes from business with whom we’ve worked continuously for in the past 10 years. You could be part of that club! We’ve worked with our clients on a number of different solutions. from full attendance management system to payroll management system.

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Our Prestigious Clients

Some Of Our Testimonials​

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we are happy with their prompt support, easy accessibility even of top management and their technical expertise in both hardware and software. They are very professional in their attitude and are as concerned as we are to ensure uptime.


Exotic Journey Pvt. Ltd.

RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd. provide us an excellent Cloud-based System along with Biometric devices. Their system gives us access to LIVE data and ready reports. Their support team is very good and we get excellent support from them as and when required. Their software has all the facilities which a travel agency requires.



All the biometric are under annual attendance contract since 2009.We are much satisfied with their services and performance of the equipment, the attendance machines are working since 2008.